Great ages for Photo Ops

Okay, you got the belly? Check.

You got the baby? Check.

You got the toddler? Check. Oh wait, You forgot a whole YEAR of photo opportunities!

Speaking from experience dealing with and watching bellies and babies grow there are a few key times that really show off the growth and change happening over the course of babies first year. Pregnancy photographs are a must, even if you leave them until the 8th or 9th month. There is something awe inspiring about this amazing belly, huge and round just waiting for the right moment to relax and bring forth new life. (oooh gives me shivers!)

Next is the newborn. In photography land we consider any baby up to 3 months a newborn because there is often cradle cap, colic or general fussiness to contend with. What newborns are great at is lying still,  since really they are still little slugs at this stage, just one eating, pooping and sleeping machine!

Next milestone is 6 months. Big difference! Babies eyes can focus, often they can hold up their heads and the awake time has begun to outweigh the sleeping. We can pose them (somewhat) and they respond to Dad dancing behind me as we try to find a smile for the camera!

8-11 months- baby is just getting better! More facial expression, personality is growing in leaps and bounds, they are wiggly little creatures, curious and excited. SO MUCH FUN to photograph!!

12 months- Yay! The one year mark! This is a great age to sit them down with a cake  in front of them and let them figure out how to get it into their mouths. Oh, the photos I’ve seen! One year olds are learning to repeat words and they already want to please Mum so we sing and dance and make sure the experience is a fun one for all. That way when you tell them they’re going to visit the Two Little Birds lady they’re ready to smile!


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