Fraser Valley Mamas ~ it’s your time to shine!

All the chaos, planning, shopping, organizing, growing (!) is an incredible journey, and although I respect the ‘big fat belly’ issues, I still firmly believe every woman should have maternity photos taken. I look at it as amazing change, one that only women can make, (mainly b/c of our awesome pain threshold)! We are forever giving, sharing, being nice, and basically putting ourselves 2nd. Well, once that baby’s born you are #2 permanently, so NOW is the time to relish in your beautiful curves, voluptuous breasts and overall glow!

The great part about pregnancy photos are they do not have to be about the belly! Let’s showcase you, your life thus far, your goals, your wishes, and of course we’ll throw in a couple profiles showing just how well you’re doing! It’s a time for reflection and nourishment of your soul. I truly believe the baby can feel what you’re experiencing, and it’s my job as a photographer to help you see your own beauty.

Just think about it. You don’t have to call me right away, and yes I understand if you wait until the 9th month, 3rd week, 6th day, because I’ll drop everything and meet you at your favorite coffee shop/sandy beach/cozy nook and we can always make beautiful photos together. Be proud of yourself!


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