Bridesmaid Posing 101

Wedding season is upon us once more and in the lower mainland we’re rejoicing the sunshine! For all you bridesmaids it gives you a chance to show off the tan lines and big smiles, but here’s a couple of tips on how to look awesome in all the formal photos…

1. Never directly face the camera. You will look boxy and totally kill any shapely-ness you’ve earned at the yoga studio all spring. Angle your body towards the bride (or centre of the photograph) so your back shoulder is slightly higher than your front. This will show off your collarbone and neck (and cool jewelry!) as well as make you look involved with the group.

2. This one is so simple and it makes a massive difference- stand up straight! Especially if you’re tall, be proud of your legs and length! I have yet to use photoshop to make someone appear shorter, but a hunchback just looks lame.

3. Put your weight on your back leg and slightly bend the front knee, so just the ball of your foot is touching the ground. By leaning back onto the back leg-voila! instant curves!

4. Hands on the hips! Yes, it’s a little bit western and you gotta rock it to pull it off, but seriously, from my point of view I’m looking for the girls who stand out from the crowd. I only have a limited amount of time to cover all the bride’s favorite grrls, so the ones who are enjoying themselves, showing me they are proud to be there are going to get more face time with the camera. Also, when your hands are on your hips, push your shoulders forward and elbows back. This makes your hands on your waist look tiny, your chest naturally turns up and out (winkwink) and you’re stylin!

5. Laugh. Enjoy your day, support your sisters and show off how beautiful you are! (even if you’re wearing pink taffeta)

Hope it helps…I think I’m gonna start getting all my couple to read this ; )


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