Secret Vancouver-Fraser Valley Photography Spots…revealed?

Ok, so I’m very lucky. Lucky enough to live in the Fraser Valley and have a sweet studio that’s still only half and hour from Robson, Commercial Drive and the spectacular park we call Stanley. Here are a couple of my favorite Two Little Birds spots to shoot:

Downtown Vancouver looking up West Hastings towards the Marine Building. Or even better-get INSIDE the Marine building. I’ve seen a lot of brides this year soaking up 1920’s glamour and the Marine Building is classic art deco perfection. Also I love to visit it b/c my Grandma remembers when it was the tallest building in Vancouver!

Back alleys on Main Street. People are just so generous, it amazes me. Everytime I end up in back lanes (anywhere in the city, but Kits esp!) I find couches, futons, stereos,toys, clothes, cd’s, furniture, plants…I wish we could put tracking numbers on this stuff and see how many apartments it’s been though! From a photographic standpoint you can’t make this stuff up! You want gritty industrial dumpster cool, there it is.

Gastown courtyards. Think European cafe’s, wrought iron spiral staricases, cobblestones, the corner pub…

Trout Lake- willow trees, baseball/soccer fields, dog park, dock, sandy ‘beach’…great spot for family photo shoots b/c there’s lots to keep them entertained.

West Broadway, in between Birch and Hemlock there is a very very cool odd Roman semi circle garden. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I hope the fountains are on when you go.

Lynn Valley Canyon- you kinda need sunshine for this one b/c the woods are so dense right off the pathway, but then again, hey a misty forest full of ancient cedars is classic west coast!

Deer Lake Park- yes we know Brock House, but have you seen the crowds of calla lilies ? Holy Cow Batman, I can barely keep one of these plants happy through a growing season, these gardeners have managed to build a wall of ’em! Stunning, elegant, for every bride I’ve photographed here, we make a special trip.

Alright Fraser Valley Girls, here are a couple for you:

The Hope Tunnels. Yeah, that’s right. Bet you’ve never heard of them! And I’m not gonna say anything else about it except they’re worth the drive.

Minter Gardens- Chilliwack has been keeping this from all the city folk for too long and I’m hear to tell you the goods. 11 different styles of gardens, ponds, bridges, sculptures, it’s a treat.

Fort Langley Historic Site – a giant two story spiked wooden fence surrounds the fort and inside are heritage buildings, blacksmith, gold panning and super cool photo op’s! Make sure you climb up to the 2nd story turrets and look out across the Fraser River…

Well, that’s just a drop in the bucket for spots in the lower mainland to find inspiration, feel free to add to this list by commenting with your own! Of course, I didn’t give away my truly secret spots, you’ll have to come for a photo shoot if you want more!


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