Dress for the Photo Moment

Hullo All,

Been doing a lot of summertime family portraits, and overall I’ve got say, I’m impressed! Everyone is tanned (thank GOD for sunshine!) and feeling great with the long days ahead. That said, here are a few tips for stylish outfits that make everyone look good, and enhance your photos:

1. White. Everyone looks clean and fresh. It’s great even on a child b/c we can shoot quick before they manage to find the cherries, sand or mud.

2. No logos! The eye is drawn to patterns and letters, so unless your shirt says, “I (heart) this guy” with a big arrow pointing at you, don’t wear it!

3. Hats. Can change the mood from typical picnic to european bistro with a single wide brim straw sunhat. Seriously! Easy and fun to peek out from.

4. Blue jeans. Yes, they’re casual but everyone’s got a pair and  they’re comfy, which is key when it’s your first photo shoot and the nerves are getting best of you. Throw them on with a white blouse or t-shirt and you’re good to go.

Point is the photos I take are about your expressions, your special day, your family, yourself. Not what you’re wearing!


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