Let the Newborn Baby Be!

Alright new moms, as glad as I am to see you with your new baby smell and alphabetically arranged diaperbags,  it’s about time I relieved some anxiety regarding ‘stuff to prep’. Here’s a list of simple ideas to help the newborn photo session roll smoothly along:

1. Let the baby sleep! For a wee one (3 months and younger), some of the most beautiful photos I can capture are while baby is snoozing. They will comfortably curl up into these lovely little balls so while I’m shooting you can marvel at their yogi positions!

2. Everything we do is on Baby Time. Sure, I told you the shoot should only take 45 minutes, but if there needs to be a feeding, a quiet 15 minutes to get the child to sleep, or any other interruption, take it as it comes. We are here to capture this brand new creation, relish it!

3.Bring a few outfits, but again, this is totally dependent on the comfort of the baby.  If they fuss and squirm with an outfit change, keeping baby happy is more important than another color jumper or hat. Or, in my personal opinion- just let them be naked…that way everything matches!

4. Bring along toys that your child responds to. As a newborn there probably aren’t alot, because they’re still just learning how to Be in this big cold outside world! I keep an arsenal of rattles, clackers, shakers and whistles, but if there is something specific that always gets a reaction, bring it along-you can’t go wrong!

5. Be prepared to make a fool of yourself : ) Seriously! Baby knows you. Your smell, your voice, and they have already bonded with you. While at this stage I’m just the ‘big flashing light’ voice so during the time I’m behind the camera I need Mom or Dad to make happy sounds and call out their child’s name, essentially sending positive energy to the baby so they know they are supported and safe.

6. Even though you say you don’t want to be in the photos, wear a black shirt and comb your hair.   HA! I love this one, because yes, you’re sleep deprived, baggy, saggy and slightly terrified but you are also absolutely REAL. You just brought a baby into the world! This is wonderment. This is why we’re on the planet. This baby is the culmunation of months of work and labor and life changing decisions! I want a photo to show you later to prove that you look incredible right now.


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