Two Little Birds Photography wants to get comfy with you!

There are lots of advantages to starting your relationship with your family photographer early, but the best one I can offer is the simple fact of comfort. As your family grows,  we are there for the milestones and having learned early on what makes Tommy tick, or Yolanda yawn lets us tailor an extra special photo shoot for Your family.

The first five years hold enormous change and if we are involved as your children are learning about aunties and grandpa, our role (although small in comparison) will be something to look forward to for the whole family.

With little ones under 4 I always make sure to add an element of fun so there is positive association with the experience. Yes I shoot great big flashing lights, and make you stand in funny positions BUT my house smells like cookies, there is a big happy dog to visit with and always a funny hat to try on! It’s simple but effective so the parent can relax and enjoy themselves too.

And 6 months down the road when it’s Christmas postcard season you can mention Two Little Birds and the little ones will remember a big red barn with a shaggy dog, some warm milk and cookies and a blur of outfits and smiles…now who wouldn’t love that association?!


About 2littlebirds

photographer, mama, gardener, reader, snowboarder, conversationalist, hugger, tea drinker,hiker
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