Dogs dogs dogs dogs Dogs! My Ode to the Dog:

gotta love ’em! What other on creature on the planet has such capacity for loyalty? For unconditional loving? For obnoxiously farting, and then turning around to figure out where the sound came from?

I’m telling you Cat People, you are missing out! Sure, we may have to walk them. Pick up their poop and brush them daily. Curse the dead fish at the rivers edge and have the vacuum ready in the hall at all times…. Ask any of us-we’ll do it gladly!

Because dogs are lovers. And best friends. Toe warmers, heartbreakers, joy bringers, primal howlers, all around bundles of fun. Awwwt. Here’s to my Dog Friends, My Friend Friends and my soon-to-be Dog Loving Friends, a special Pet Portrait sitting for ya’ll:

Bring in Spot for a half hour session and receive 4 complementary 2×3 prints for your wallet, your neice and your fridge! We’re booking early afternoons Tue-Thurs for a cost of $90 (with a discount price of $15.00) or anytime on weekends for $105.00 a session. 

Regular portrait pricing is in effect for other enlargement sizes…furbabies deserve the same quality as humans : ) Let us know if you’d like to be in the pics with the pup and we’ll tailor a package to fit you both.


About 2littlebirds

photographer, mama, gardener, reader, snowboarder, conversationalist, hugger, tea drinker,hiker
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