Two Little Birds Brides- you are fabulous!

I have been sooooo lucky with my brides. I chat to other photographers in the industry who tells me horrifying tales of Bridezilla screaming matches with their grooms, irate bridesmaids walking away from the church, cake fights, overzealous drunken groomsmen…you name it, we’ve seen it!

And as a guest you laugh and shrug it off, but as the photographer we have to deal with these disasters up close and personal! Sure we take it in stride and steer the bride towards her happy place, but there are ways to head off the madness before it really takes over and your wedding day becomes a gong show.

Choose the near and dear to you as your bridal party. Is your cousin twice removed really gonna be ticked if she can’t wear taffeta? And dear Uncle Angus, although a hoot, may instigate the “flasks for all” syndrome! Keeping the numbers down ensure that those included feel special and important enough to reconsider a kegger the night before.

Organize everything. Schedule as if your life depended on it because The Day speeds by. It’s all about you on The Day. And by the time The Day arrives, there isn’t much you can do about a lot of small issues…that snowball into mass destruction if you haven’t accounted for your uni roomate bringing her newborn triplets. Trust me, I’ve seen it! …total meltdown…need serious makeup reconstruction…life over as we know it…wedding ruined?

That’s my point. Plan for it! Somewhere in the thick of planning my own divine nuptuals I realized I would be happy peeing in an outhouse, but Grammy (at age 91) wouldn’t be so thrilled. Then it occurred to us that cloth napkins, cushy chairs, proper lighting down the driveway & microphones so the guests could hear our vows were all necessary to The Day being fabulous for all. Not just us. Because yes, it’s your Day, but it’s details you take time to organize ahead of time are what the guest will remember. And that way the Day IS about you.

In your mind which photos do you see? The kiss? The shoes? Hugging Dad? Your man with his men? Write them down and give us a list. Not only do we have a heads up on special moments to look for, we can tailor your album that much more, so it’s 100% spectacular!

Mothers. Mothers-in-law. They are a varied bunch, and I’ve come across the nervous maniacs and the cool as a cucumber types. All I can ask is that you put them in charge of something. Anything! Invariably on your wedding day with nerves & emotions it’s better to have them focusing on something, so you can enjoy focusing on you.

So, at this point Two Little Birds would like to raise a glass to 7 years of past Brides- I can’t thank you enough that you mellow classy chicks chose ME to photograph your weddings! And now let’s bring on 2011, and hope there are more stylish, creative, joy filled women waiting just around the corner!


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