Announcing the BFF Album-just for Women!

I’m a mover. Shaker, dancer, do-er, I make it happen. The downside to this personality is I’ve lived many places and travelled further, thereby leaving amazing women friends all over the countryside never to be seen again.

I know they’re out there b/c out of the blue come emails from Sally Sunshine, (who I last saw in Nelson 11 years ago), or Lori-Ellen who I swear is my soulmate, but lives in New Zealand and runs a thriving acupuncture clinic.

Thank god for skype and the internet and even for snail mail. Indulge me here- I’ve gotta include a shout out to my penpal Beth, who lives literally 45 minutes away, and yet her postcards- that take longer to reach me than it takes to drive to her doorstep- always leave me feeling like a princess!

It’s the girlfriends, the best friends, the amazing aunts, cousins and random stylish strangers who make our day, a better day. It’s about time we took time to be with them and show them how much they mean to our lives (and our sanity!)

Two Little Birds would like to introduce a very unique Album to our collection. This one is strictly for all the girlfriends of the world. We’re calling it the BFF Album. We wanted to keep the budget low, but quality high with the whole point being to open this album and laugh. Cry. Remember. Keep close to the women of our world that make this a wonderful world.

We did some shmoozing with our hair and makeup gals and worked out a deal with our printer, so between the two of you the cost for the BFF package, including twin albums is $695.00.

The package includes a two hour photoshoot at your choice of location with professional hair and makeup artists to style you out! We’ll rock the day and finish with wine and dessert for two at Bin 1812, our classy local piano bar in Fort Langley. The TLB team will choose selects from your photoshoot and put together matching albums, styled for your taste and color choices. We can add quotes, specific dates or emboss the fronts to match. Of course you approve the layout and make final decisions on images, and after that it’s just a matter of time before your both holding the BFF Album in your happy hands!

Please contact us to book an appointment and to see myriad album options. To the women of the world..we love you!


About 2littlebirds

photographer, mama, gardener, reader, snowboarder, conversationalist, hugger, tea drinker,hiker
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