Gentlemen, we need you!

or perhaps, it’s more that we WANT you.

You see, for as proud as we are of knowing where the drill is kept, and being able to hang a curtain rod on our own, there are still moments when no matter what we’re capable of, it’s You we want!

Perfect Example:

My dear husband says to me, “Guess what we’re doing today?

And I say, “Honey Do List, coming up!” …and immediately launch into 14 very important chores that must absolutely be accomplished post haste.

Dear Husband responds, “No, no. We’re not DOing anything. In fact, we’re leaving the studio so we can do nothing, somewhere else. Put your shoes on.”

Of course this does not compute. I just geared up to paint 120 feet of trim on the barn and re-rung the ladder at the kids playground- before noon.

He tries again, “Jenn, you need time to regroup. Get creative. Find inspiration. We’re going for a walk. I don’t know how long it will take. I don’t know when we’ll be back. Just put your shoes on.”

Now, here’s the thing…girls will understand this, and guys- this is a major secret, so listen up b/c if you ever mention this to me in person, I will deny everything I’m about to tell you. Ladies- Is it not THE sexiest thing ever when your guy makes a stand and TELLS you (not asks) that you WILL take the day off and you WILL spend time together ‘just hanging out’?!

When does this ever happen? NOT often enough, let me tell you! He basically said shut up, get in the car, we’re going out and I’m not telling you where. And then he drove us to a…a….it doesn’t matter! That’s my point Gentlemen- although we are Women, Hear Us Roar, we still love a man to be a Man. (kinda like the Old Spice Man. Oooh.)

And THAT is all I have to say about THAT!

Stand up for your rights to be the girl!


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