I admit it, I love to weedwack.

DISCLAIMER TO THIS POST: I use gasoline and love it.

Two Little Birds Photography Studio is part of a 31 acre parsel of farmland in the beautiful Fraser Valley. The lower fields are leased to our neighbor, an organic dairy farmer. The upper fields, and the beautiful mountain landscapes you sometimes see gracing our photographs as a backdrop extraordinaire, is our responsibility to maintain. So once a week, every week throughout the summer months we mow 4 acres of lawn and tend to 5 huge garden beds and one giant vegetable patch!

There is no getting around it here on the wet coast, because even a few days of tardiness can result in a mass takeover of brambles, blackberry roots and hours of extra mowing. Therefore, I don’t care about how much gas I’m going to use. Or the nasty weedy bits that get flung up and stick to my face and hair, or the fact that I’m wearing giant red earmuffs and safety goggles. I’m in it for pure destruction! There is something SO satisfying about plowing through the straggly dandylions, creeping buttercup and crabgrass. Ripping through the annoying oxalis, endless morning glory and vile blackberry thorns. Cherry tree suckers? I don’t think so! Sneaky maple tree spinners trying to take root? Not a chance!

And behind me I leave perfection. Not a blade out of place! Ohh lovely smooth straight green clean grass. I love it! Instant gratification. I admit it. I’m a junkie : )

Salmon Berries!


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