Child photography; not just a ‘snap’!

There are lots of behind the scenes bits that make a great long term relationship comfortable between photographers and their clients. As a family photographer I have several tricks in my bag to make the day run smoothly, and ease the stress for Mom and Dad…

Photoshoot time of day: Totally the #1 make-or-break tool! If toddler Susie is a night owl, then give us a heads up and we’ll aim to shoot at 6pm, not 10am when she’s still groggy. Same goes for older children, most have a happy hour and knowing that sets us up for fun and spontaneity, not frowns and tears.

Bring snacks! We usually have freshly baked cookies as well as grapes handy for the little fingers to nibble, but if your child is on a carrot kick, feel free to bring whatever makes them happy. Happy belly, bigger smiles!

Once we’re in the studio everything suddenly looks a little daunting, with strobe lights flashing and backdrops, props and my big cameras following every move. No fear! The first few times in studio I make sure to build on fun and easy poses to keep things light and changing, so your babe doesn’t have a chance to feel nervous. It’s really key for them to come away on a positive note, feeling proud of themselves and empowered with the experience. Then in 6 months when it’s time for Christmas pics you can happily explain, “We’re going for pictures” and Susie is happy to show off once more : )



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