4 years later and she’s just gettin cuter!

Oh Mekayla, you’re such a cutie!

I was fortunate to meet Ed and Melissa back when their wee one was just a…well, a wee one! And every year since infancy I’ve gotten the yearly phone call from Mel hoping to squeeze in her lovely lass for a Christmas photoshoot, just in time for the holidays.

It’s amazing what we can pull off in 1.5 hours! So here’s some of my fav’s:

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Got someone on your list who has everything?

We’ve got the solution~ round up their children and bring them into the studio for a KidsOnly photoshoot! The aunts/grannies/sisters will thank you for the afternoon off, and you come out looking like a champ under the Christmas tree when they all open up customized framed photos of their kids!

We’ll be taking 2 hour sessions from now until December 12th with guaranteed enlargements available for Christmas. Book your session early to grab the weekend spots!

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My +40 lbs of baby belly….I’m relishing it!

I just can’t help myself to include a few pics of my pregnant self as the belly fills in, spills over and takes on my entire closet of clothes…MuuMuu shopping anyone?

Here’s a massive shout out to my uber talented commercial photographer hubby, Byron Smith who took these stellar photos of your truly! This turned out to be out first and only photo shoot of my belly as the boys decided to appear 2 months early…to be continued….

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Farm Boys

I love making random connections that become clients who then turn into friends : ) Naomi is a Super Mama, and I’m relying on her for baby tips once my little bundles arrive!

Here we are; loving Chris, Naomi and their boy~ Beau Legend, soon to be a total lady killer! It took Beau approx 30 seconds to warm up to our farm’s free range chickens. Then, it was off to the races…what a cute set of dimples, no?!

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We’ve got twins on the way!!

Sorry, I just couldn’t keep it to myself any longer : )

For REAL! It’s true! My DH and I have been trying to conceive for 5 loooooooong years, and finally finally finally we can actually say, we’re expecting!

With some major help from the wonderful Dr. Beth Taylor @ Genesis Fertility Clinic we will be the proud ‘rents of 2 bundles of joy come October and I do believe life will never be the same again!

What does this mean to all of my fabulous portrait clients? Nothing, as long as you don’t mind a bit of huffing and puffing while we’re climbing over train tracks, and chasing wild ones along the beaches of White Rock! Nope, I plan to keep right on rolling as long as my tummy will allow.

Unfortunately this decision does impact my ability to photograph our upcoming summer weddings. I’ve decided to take a leave of absence because I know just how important everything needs to be for W Day, and god forbid I let any one down…I know I couldn’t live with it! I’d be happy to make some recommendations of fellow amazing wedding photographers who are up to snuff and not carrying an extra 28 lbs on their frame at the moment ; )

I’m also open to advice from anyone out in cyberland who has had twins and can share in the wonders and possible catastrophies waiting for us just around the corner… I’ll be checking regularly seeing as I’m not getting a lot of sleep these days!

Baby B is getting some yoga in early while Baby A watches...

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I admit it, I love to weedwack.

DISCLAIMER TO THIS POST: I use gasoline and love it.

Two Little Birds Photography Studio is part of a 31 acre parsel of farmland in the beautiful Fraser Valley. The lower fields are leased to our neighbor, an organic dairy farmer. The upper fields, and the beautiful mountain landscapes you sometimes see gracing our photographs as a backdrop extraordinaire, is our responsibility to maintain. So once a week, every week throughout the summer months we mow 4 acres of lawn and tend to 5 huge garden beds and one giant vegetable patch!

There is no getting around it here on the wet coast, because even a few days of tardiness can result in a mass takeover of brambles, blackberry roots and hours of extra mowing. Therefore, I don’t care about how much gas I’m going to use. Or the nasty weedy bits that get flung up and stick to my face and hair, or the fact that I’m wearing giant red earmuffs and safety goggles. I’m in it for pure destruction! There is something SO satisfying about plowing through the straggly dandylions, creeping buttercup and crabgrass. Ripping through the annoying oxalis, endless morning glory and vile blackberry thorns. Cherry tree suckers? I don’t think so! Sneaky maple tree spinners trying to take root? Not a chance!

And behind me I leave perfection. Not a blade out of place! Ohh lovely smooth straight green clean grass. I love it! Instant gratification. I admit it. I’m a junkie : )

Salmon Berries!

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1st Birthday Cake Smash: Done Right!




Never have I seen a one year old go to town on a cake like Miss Maia! I really have nothing to add to these photos, only to say I wish I was a little kid again,and could get away with this sheer awesomness : )

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Gentlemen, we need you!

or perhaps, it’s more that we WANT you.

You see, for as proud as we are of knowing where the drill is kept, and being able to hang a curtain rod on our own, there are still moments when no matter what we’re capable of, it’s You we want!

Perfect Example:

My dear husband says to me, “Guess what we’re doing today?

And I say, “Honey Do List, coming up!” …and immediately launch into 14 very important chores that must absolutely be accomplished post haste.

Dear Husband responds, “No, no. We’re not DOing anything. In fact, we’re leaving the studio so we can do nothing, somewhere else. Put your shoes on.”

Of course this does not compute. I just geared up to paint 120 feet of trim on the barn and re-rung the ladder at the kids playground- before noon.

He tries again, “Jenn, you need time to regroup. Get creative. Find inspiration. We’re going for a walk. I don’t know how long it will take. I don’t know when we’ll be back. Just put your shoes on.”

Now, here’s the thing…girls will understand this, and guys- this is a major secret, so listen up b/c if you ever mention this to me in person, I will deny everything I’m about to tell you. Ladies- Is it not THE sexiest thing ever when your guy makes a stand and TELLS you (not asks) that you WILL take the day off and you WILL spend time together ‘just hanging out’?!

When does this ever happen? NOT often enough, let me tell you! He basically said shut up, get in the car, we’re going out and I’m not telling you where. And then he drove us to a…a….it doesn’t matter! That’s my point Gentlemen- although we are Women, Hear Us Roar, we still love a man to be a Man. (kinda like the Old Spice Man. Oooh.)

And THAT is all I have to say about THAT!

Stand up for your rights to be the girl!

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Announcing the BFF Album-just for Women!

I’m a mover. Shaker, dancer, do-er, I make it happen. The downside to this personality is I’ve lived many places and travelled further, thereby leaving amazing women friends all over the countryside never to be seen again.

I know they’re out there b/c out of the blue come emails from Sally Sunshine, (who I last saw in Nelson 11 years ago), or Lori-Ellen who I swear is my soulmate, but lives in New Zealand and runs a thriving acupuncture clinic.

Thank god for skype and the internet and even for snail mail. Indulge me here- I’ve gotta include a shout out to my penpal Beth, who lives literally 45 minutes away, and yet her postcards- that take longer to reach me than it takes to drive to her doorstep- always leave me feeling like a princess!

It’s the girlfriends, the best friends, the amazing aunts, cousins and random stylish strangers who make our day, a better day. It’s about time we took time to be with them and show them how much they mean to our lives (and our sanity!)

Two Little Birds would like to introduce a very unique Album to our collection. This one is strictly for all the girlfriends of the world. We’re calling it the BFF Album. We wanted to keep the budget low, but quality high with the whole point being to open this album and laugh. Cry. Remember. Keep close to the women of our world that make this a wonderful world.

We did some shmoozing with our hair and makeup gals and worked out a deal with our printer, so between the two of you the cost for the BFF package, including twin albums is $695.00.

The package includes a two hour photoshoot at your choice of location with professional hair and makeup artists to style you out! We’ll rock the day and finish with wine and dessert for two at Bin 1812, our classy local piano bar in Fort Langley. The TLB team will choose selects from your photoshoot and put together matching albums, styled for your taste and color choices. We can add quotes, specific dates or emboss the fronts to match. Of course you approve the layout and make final decisions on images, and after that it’s just a matter of time before your both holding the BFF Album in your happy hands!

Please contact us to book an appointment and to see myriad album options. To the women of the world..we love you!

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Two Little Birds Brides- you are fabulous!

I have been sooooo lucky with my brides. I chat to other photographers in the industry who tells me horrifying tales of Bridezilla screaming matches with their grooms, irate bridesmaids walking away from the church, cake fights, overzealous drunken groomsmen…you name it, we’ve seen it!

And as a guest you laugh and shrug it off, but as the photographer we have to deal with these disasters up close and personal! Sure we take it in stride and steer the bride towards her happy place, but there are ways to head off the madness before it really takes over and your wedding day becomes a gong show.

Choose the near and dear to you as your bridal party. Is your cousin twice removed really gonna be ticked if she can’t wear taffeta? And dear Uncle Angus, although a hoot, may instigate the “flasks for all” syndrome! Keeping the numbers down ensure that those included feel special and important enough to reconsider a kegger the night before.

Organize everything. Schedule as if your life depended on it because The Day speeds by. It’s all about you on The Day. And by the time The Day arrives, there isn’t much you can do about a lot of small issues…that snowball into mass destruction if you haven’t accounted for your uni roomate bringing her newborn triplets. Trust me, I’ve seen it! …total meltdown…need serious makeup reconstruction…life over as we know it…wedding ruined?

That’s my point. Plan for it! Somewhere in the thick of planning my own divine nuptuals I realized I would be happy peeing in an outhouse, but Grammy (at age 91) wouldn’t be so thrilled. Then it occurred to us that cloth napkins, cushy chairs, proper lighting down the driveway & microphones so the guests could hear our vows were all necessary to The Day being fabulous for all. Not just us. Because yes, it’s your Day, but it’s details you take time to organize ahead of time are what the guest will remember. And that way the Day IS about you.

In your mind which photos do you see? The kiss? The shoes? Hugging Dad? Your man with his men? Write them down and give us a list. Not only do we have a heads up on special moments to look for, we can tailor your album that much more, so it’s 100% spectacular!

Mothers. Mothers-in-law. They are a varied bunch, and I’ve come across the nervous maniacs and the cool as a cucumber types. All I can ask is that you put them in charge of something. Anything! Invariably on your wedding day with nerves & emotions it’s better to have them focusing on something, so you can enjoy focusing on you.

So, at this point Two Little Birds would like to raise a glass to 7 years of past Brides- I can’t thank you enough that you mellow classy chicks chose ME to photograph your weddings! And now let’s bring on 2011, and hope there are more stylish, creative, joy filled women waiting just around the corner!

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