Dogs dogs dogs dogs Dogs! My Ode to the Dog:

gotta love ’em! What other on creature on the planet has such capacity for loyalty? For unconditional loving? For obnoxiously farting, and then turning around to figure out where the sound came from?

I’m telling you Cat People, you are missing out! Sure, we may have to walk them. Pick up their poop and brush them daily. Curse the dead fish at the rivers edge and have the vacuum ready in the hall at all times…. Ask any of us-we’ll do it gladly!

Because dogs are lovers. And best friends. Toe warmers, heartbreakers, joy bringers, primal howlers, all around bundles of fun. Awwwt. Here’s to my Dog Friends, My Friend Friends and my soon-to-be Dog Loving Friends, a special Pet Portrait sitting for ya’ll:

Bring in Spot for a half hour session and receive 4 complementary 2×3 prints for your wallet, your neice and your fridge! We’re booking early afternoons Tue-Thurs for a cost of $90 (with a discount price of $15.00) or anytime on weekends for $105.00 a session. 

Regular portrait pricing is in effect for other enlargement sizes…furbabies deserve the same quality as humans : ) Let us know if you’d like to be in the pics with the pup and we’ll tailor a package to fit you both.

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This has nothing to do with photography and everything to do with you.

And because this is my blog, Two Little Birds Wedding & Portrait Photography will have to take a backseat for a mo. I am working on making a positive difference in my little bubble of a world, and just like you I recycle and wave to the neighbors and donate to the SPCA. Those things help of course, but -bigger picture now-what about the people in my world? The community and the kids that need a bit extra? Enter the Big Sisters of Langley.

I have been privy to the inner workings of this not -for- profit group for the past 6 years. I love them because they tell it like it is, they have resources and helpful people for anything you might encounter, they’re not religious and their hearts are in it for all the right reasons. Like letting kids be kids. Taking a load off the parents, and giving the kids opportunity to explore and grow and be silly…which is of course where I come into it!

I have been a Big Sister to Erin for 6 years. She was a skinny, freckled 8 year old when we were matched, and I was not much older with stars in my eyes and a million ideas of places to visit and things to do. We jived. We giggled. We rode horses, went biking, played minigolf, baked cookies, watched movies, painted the chicken coop, taught the dog to roll over, drove go karts, you name it, we did it.

Actually we’re still doing it because now she’s 14 and tall, thin, still freckly with beautiful sparkly eyes and that classic teenage attitude.

But I can still make her smile. All it takes is 3 hours a week and a life is changed. Yours. Hers. The community together. Make time and your heart will thank you.

Calling all Bigs and Littles- I’ll take 50% off any studio session for your awesomeness! Call me now : )

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Sex Love and Photos!

Well, now that I’ve got your attention…who wouldn’t want Valentines Day to include all those fine things?! Two Little Birds Photography is always looking for unique ways to let women and men show off their assets and with Valentines Day just around the corner this is a great time of year to pull off the wool sweater, curl up on our red velvet sofa and get a little sultry about it all!

Between now and February 7th we’re offering a boudoir photo session for $255.00 which includes a two hour shoot with our creative and classy Langley resident photographer Jennifer, all the props, furniture and backdrops you can imagine, a web gallery for viewing your proof photos, as well as a 25 % discount on our elegant album “The Kiss” and of course some wine and cheese to get you in the mood ; )

We’re excited to offer The Kiss Album- this Italian leather 5 page album allows for 10 different images and room for special messages to your Valentine sweetie. It’s incredibly classy, totally personal and we guarantee it will set the mood for an amazing evening!

Alternate to the album, our photographs can be personalized and made into enlargements in any size with style choices to suit your creative ideas.

Amazing add-ons for this photography session include professional hair and make up artists for an additional $165.00 on site! Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you would like to include the professional stylists so we can provide them with your requirements.

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Just had to show off a little…

OMG, did Two Little Birds Portrait Photography have a great Christmas season : ) Beautiful couples, families and wee ones all blessed our studio with their Christmas cookie filled smiles, slicked down hair and poofy dresses!

SO. MUCH. FUN! Here’s some highlights:

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Hey Langley, can ya spare some Cheer?

Ho ho ho to you too!



I grew up in Winnipeg; land of snowdrifts and awesome thunderstorms, massive starry skies and the best Folk Fest this side of Glastonbury.  I remember one Saturday in December my Dad waking me up early and saying we had somewhere to be…so after warming up the car, bundling up in layers and shoveling half our driveway (once you had momentum  going you could plow through the rest!) we headed across town to a nondescript warehouse that was bustling with people, coming and going carrying boxes, containers, vegetables and toys. As we got closer I realized this was as good as Santa’s Workshop, this was Winnipeg’s Christmas Cheer Board, and we were going to spend the day being elves.

My Dad and loaded up our Toyota SR5 station wagon three times that day. Turkeys, corn, cranberries and all the typical fixings, but also toilet paper, kraft dinner and socks were just as needed and necessary. We knocked on three different doors but the reaction was the same- faces dissolved from frowns into grins as they saw the boxes filled so full we could barely carry them up the steps. Kids bounced around with their candy canes and grandparents told us stories about homemade jam.

The last drop off of the day, in our city’s ‘seedy’ north end made the biggest impact on my 13 year old brain. Not only did the family cry when they opened the door for us, but we were invited in for hot chocolate. Powdered with mini marshmallows. A classic. They extended more to us than we had signed up for- we were just the messengers- but for 10 minutes we stood around chatting like neighbors, about the snow, the latest movies, the typical small talk. And I still remember it. Clearly. Vividly. You should too.

We’re all looking forward to family and friends and being warm and full. Whether you’re in Langley, Ladner, North Vancouver or Winnipeg, please help let everyone enjoy this holiday season.

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Mekailya returns…as a 2.5y old!

Oh to be young again…and when I say young I mean ‘happy with the wrapping paper, not the present’ young again! It always does my heart good to sit back and watch the mind of a 2 year old- they can run and speak and everything is NEWNEWNEW and FUNFUNFUN! No difference with this wild childe, and I’ve been lucky enough to really watch her grow, right from a baby. Here’s her latest fab photo shoot :

does a kid GET any cuter?

quite the poser, hmmm?!

get it? She’s Mekky Mouse : )

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Christmas is Coming…Family Photo anyone?

No, wait- don’t cringe! This doesn’t have to hurt at all! We’ll keep it light and fun and I swear you’ll be done in under 1 hour. Yes, that’s my guarantee…although most folks end up wanting more, and then it becomes an afternoon affair, complete with Eggnog and cookies! Either way, we’re ready for you!

The sooner the better, actually…November is the perfect time for Christmas Photos because the Two Little Birds photographers has time to stylize photos to your liking, and you’ve still got time to pick outfits, write cards, and feel on top off the game come December : )

Give us a ring and let’s get the show on the road!

P.S. Our last day for Christmas Photos is December 10th. Book now to avoid disappointment!

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Two Little Birds Photography wants to get comfy with you!

There are lots of advantages to starting your relationship with your family photographer early, but the best one I can offer is the simple fact of comfort. As your family grows,  we are there for the milestones and having learned early on what makes Tommy tick, or Yolanda yawn lets us tailor an extra special photo shoot for Your family.

The first five years hold enormous change and if we are involved as your children are learning about aunties and grandpa, our role (although small in comparison) will be something to look forward to for the whole family.

With little ones under 4 I always make sure to add an element of fun so there is positive association with the experience. Yes I shoot great big flashing lights, and make you stand in funny positions BUT my house smells like cookies, there is a big happy dog to visit with and always a funny hat to try on! It’s simple but effective so the parent can relax and enjoy themselves too.

And 6 months down the road when it’s Christmas postcard season you can mention Two Little Birds and the little ones will remember a big red barn with a shaggy dog, some warm milk and cookies and a blur of outfits and smiles…now who wouldn’t love that association?!

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Two Little Birds Halloween PhotoShoot!

All I can say is YOU RAWK!

We were totally thrilled with this years inaugural Halloween Photoshoot! Two Little Birds holds Halloween very close to her heart, and since the only thing we love more is our clients, we decided to marry the two together- thus, a FREE photoshoot for everyone who popped by the studio on Halloween night. FUN! SPOOKY! SILLY!

Check out the AMAZING costumes:

underneath the burlap is a 74 year old woman!!

Alan's actually a veterinarian!

not far off his usual look : )

girl or guy? Michael doesn't care!

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